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We offer unique and reliable pick and place solutions that improve operational efficiency and ensure continuous operation in your fulfillment process.

New partner – Karter

We recently joined forces with Karter and launched a fully automated end-of-line palletizing demo at the Interpack tradeshow this year. The end-of-line solution is designed to improve operational accuracy and efficiency – without causing major changes to existing processes.

The collaboration emphasizes the importance of having an easy-to-implement solution for more efficient warehouse optimization and delivering a fully automated end-of-line palletizing system that can be installed within one day. The solution not only takes over repetitive and strenuous warehouse activities but also enjoys payback within one year.

Cobot palletizer stacking products onto a pallet

Improve efficiency and scale your business

Growing labor shortages and increasing consumer demand ask for unique automation technology to support your production and fulfillment processes. As a picking automation service provider, Smart Robotics can help you increase efficiency, cut costs and scale your business. With our pick and place robots we serve various markets, including:

Our pick & place solutions


Smart Palletizer with fork gripper picking a box

An intelligent, flexible and compact end-of-line palletizer system for the reliable palletizing of your products.

Item picking

item picking cobot picking and placing a large variety of items

A reliable single item picking solution for the efficient picking and placing of a large variety of items.

Parcel picking

Smart Parcel Picker reliable depalletizing robot

An intelligent parcel picking solution for the reliable depalletizing and unloading of a large variety of parcels.

New: Smart Mixed Case Palletizer

Meet the next generation palletizer of our range of pick & place solutions! The Smart Mixed Case Palletizer is able to palletize mixed cases up to 20kg from sorter to pallet, without the need for a pre-determined stacking pattern.

Our promise

Smart Robotics provides unique technology and services to automate the pick and place stations in your fulfillment centers. As a picking automation service provider, we are there to support you and actively take care of updates and maintenance. With our pick and place robots, we help you save time and costs, improve the efficiency of your operation and enable you to scale your business.

Item picking cobot picking fashion items

Near-human robot performance

Our Technology Trinity allows for seamless integration of our pick and place robots in various fulfillment processes within your warehouse or production. Our Technology Trinity refers to our in-house developed and unique combination of Vision, Motion and Task Planning algorithms. This allows our pick and place systems to accurately handle a large variety of items and be extremely reliable. In addition, our AI software learns and adapts continuously to improve the efficiency and productivity of our robots. Ready for the warehouse of the future?

Pick & place customers

Palletizing cobot working at Packservice


Palletizer case study | 29-04-2022

Looking for a cobot palletizing solution to help overcome labor shortages and improve employee health, Packservice, a co-packing group, has succesfully implemented their first Smart Palletizer.

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Engaging your employees during robot implementation is important

Item picking case study | 05-01-2021

Did you know that, one of the largest Dutch online retail & distribution companies, executed a pilot with Smart Robotics regarding the implementation of a Smart Item Picker?

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Smart Palletizer at Vandemoortele


Palletizer case study | 07-10-2021

Vandemoortele, a leading food company in Europe, significantly saves costs with their Smart Palletizer. Having started with a trial, the company has now fully implemented the solution and is very satisfied.

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