Picking automation as a service

Ready to improve quality of work and scale your business?

Warehouse automation

Smart Robotics offers complete picking solutions for your production and logistics processes, from palletizing to order picking.
Are you ready for the warehouse of the future?

We can help you overcome labor shortages and scale up production by automating tasks that are repetitive and physically demanding. Our innovative picking robots have the most advanced AI software in the market and transform production lines by improving accuracy and operational efficiency. Our intelligent vision, motion and task planning algorithms enable our cobots to handle a large variety of items whilst safely cooperating with your employees.


Smart Palletizer with fork gripper picking a box

Pick and place

Pick and place cobot picking products


Cobot collaborates with employee
Smart Palletizer picking box with crisps


With ever increasing consumer demand, product variety and growing labor shortages, automating your warehouse and production process is key. Innovate now!

Improve quality of work

Improve quality of work

Relieve your employees from repetitive and physically straining work and allow them to focus on task that require human skills.

Smart Item Picker bin to bin picking

Scale your business

24/7 robot operation. Improve efficiency, increase your output and reduce costs with a highly flexible robot or cobot solution.

Manage employee resistance to robots with communication

15+ Countries

5+million items picked

10.000+pallets stacked

1year ROI

1day installation

Smart Palletizer Vacuum gripper close-up


Palletizer case study | 20-01-2021

World-renowned Bayer, a pharmaceuticals and life sciences company, has welcomed the Smart Palletizer as a new colleague. Read more about why they recommend Smart Robotics to their partners.

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Engaging your employees during robot implementation is important


Pick and place case study | 05-01-2021

Did you know that Bol.com, one of the largest Dutch online retail & distribution companies, executed a pilot with Smart Robotics regarding the implementation of a Smart Item Picker?

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Smart Palletizer at Vandemoortele


Palletizer case study | 07-10-2021

Vandemoortele, a leading food company in Europe, significantly saves costs with their Smart Palletizer. Having started with a trial, the company has now fully implemented the solution and is very satisfied.

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