Better cobot performance with Application Decision Engine

Blog | 18-11-2021

What if a pick and place cobot has to deal with many product variations and unexpected situations? To improve our cobots' pick and place performance, we have developed the Application Decision Engine.

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Advantages of monitoring cobot performance

Blog | 28-10-2021

Through data collection, one can actively monitor and improve cobot performance, This brings several advantages to your production process. Want to know which advantages?

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Continuous integration to ensure software quality

Blog | 22-01-2021

When deploying a fleet of mobile robots there are many choices to be made with regards to planning and control. What possibilities exist and how do they work?

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Realizing safe human-robot collaboration

Blog | 25-11-2020

Even though cobots have been in the market for many years, 99% of robots still work within a fenced area. How can you guarantee the safety of operators while working with a cobot that does not need a safety fence?

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A robot or cobot in your warehouse? Advantages & disadvantages

Blog | 16-09-2020

When automating your warehouse, should you choose robot or a cobot solution? This blog discusses the advantages and disadvantages of using a robot or a cobot for your warehouse.

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Developments in robot arm manufacturing

Blog | 04-02-2020

There are many different (industrial) robot arms available in the market, from many different manufacturers. What do these robot arms offer and what are the 2020 trends and developments?

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