2022 bakery trends: bakery automation is key

Blog | 20-05-2022

In 2022, consumers continue to demand more and more from the bakery industry. It is time to consider how to improve the production process to meet these demands. Learn about the latest bakery trends and why bakery automation is key.

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Implementing robots in your warehouse – step 1: exploration

Blog | 26-04-2022

Implementing robots in your warehouse needs good preparation. In this blog series we discuss four phases to go through to ensure the successful implementation of robots. This first blog focuses on the exploration phase.

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Managing employee resistance to robots – part 1: where does resistance come from?

Blog | 19-04-2022

History has shown that people often fear and resist new technologies, such as robotics. This blog series focuses on how to manage employee resistance to robots. In this first blog, we discuss where this resistance comes from.

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3 signs you are ready for a cobot palletizing colleague

Blog | 29-03-2022

When are you in need of automating your palletizing process? This blog shares 3 signs that indicate if you are ready for a cobot palletizing colleague.

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Choosing a pick and place robot: 5 questions to consider

Blog | 16-03-2022

Automating your picking processes is becoming more imporant nowadays. But how to choose a perfect pick and place robot? This blog considers 5 questions to ask yourself when choosing a pick and place robot.

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Smart Robotics accelerates growth: new funding round and CEO

News | 12-01-2022

Smart Robotics has closed a new investment round with Innovation Industries and Mirai Creation Fund ll, backed by Toyota Motor Corporation, and appoints new CEO Johan Jardevall.

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Visit Smart Robotics at ProSweets 2022

News | 05-01-2022

Smart Robotics will be present at ProSweets 2022 from January 30th till February 2nd. Ready to improve the efficiency of your production process? We got it!

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How System Testing ensures a reliable cobot system

Blog | 02-12-2021

End-to-end quality control is necessary to create a reliable and stable cobot system. System testing evaluates a fully integrated product; software and hardware.

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