Choosing a pick and place robot: 5 questions to consider

Blog | 16-03-2022

Automating your picking processes is becoming more imporant nowadays. But how to choose a perfect pick and place robot? This blog considers 5 questions to ask yourself when choosing a pick and place robot.

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Smart Robotics accelerates growth: new funding round and CEO

News | 12-01-2022

Smart Robotics has closed a new investment round with Innovation Industries and Mirai Creation Fund ll, backed by Toyota Motor Corporation, and appoints new CEO Johan Jardevall.

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Visit Smart Robotics at ProSweets 2022

News | 05-01-2022

Smart Robotics will be present at ProSweets 2022 from January 30th till February 2nd. Ready to improve the efficiency of your production process? We got it!

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How System Testing ensures a reliable cobot system

Blog | 02-12-2021

End-to-end quality control is necessary to create a reliable and stable cobot system. System testing evaluates a fully integrated product; software and hardware.

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Better cobot performance with Application Decision Engine

Blog | 18-11-2021

What if a pick and place cobot has to deal with many product variations and unexpected situations? To improve our cobots’ pick and place performance, we have developed the Application Decision Engine.

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Advantages of monitoring cobot performance

Blog | 28-10-2021

Through data collection, one can actively monitor and improve cobot performance, This brings several advantages to your production process. Want to know which advantages?

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Continuous integration to ensure software quality

Blog | 22-01-2021

When deploying a fleet of mobile robots there are many choices to be made with regards to planning and control. What possibilities exist and how do they work?

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Smart Robotics in top 10 Logistics Solution Providers Europe 2020

News | 06-01-2021

Smart Robotics has been chosen as one of the top 10 Logistics Solution Providers in Europe 2020 by Logistics Tech Outlook magazine.

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