As of July 2019, M.O.C.A., an Italian coffee producer, has been working together with the Smart Palletizer. The Smart Palletizer is tasked with palletizing various types of coffee and additional products of M.O.C.A. at the end of their production line.

Modernize coffee production

To further automate and modernize their coffee production, M.O.C.A. was looking for a palletizing solution at the end of the production line. After some research on the internet, M.O.C.A. became familiar with Smart Robotics and our cobot solutions.

After negotiations with Guarnerio & Mantelli, Smart Robotics’ Italian distributor, and Smart Robotics, M.O.C.A. was happy with the solution offered and decided to take on the Smart Palletizer.

Smart Palletizer at M.O.C.A. picking boxes

We immediately got the impression that Smart Robotics
is a solid and reliable company. The lease option
was very interesting for us, as it allows us to try out
the Smart Palletizer and experience its performance

Alessandro di Murro – Technical Manager – M.O.C.A.

Palletizer installation & performance

The Smart Palletizer was installed at M.O.C.A. on July 1st 2019: “The installation was very smooth and well organized. Smart Robotics carried it out with simplicity and showed great competence. Up until now, we are very satisfied with the Smart Palletizer. The performance is good, it has not yet raised any problems and it is very easy to use by our employees.”

About M.O.C.A.

M.O.C.A. is an Italian coffee producer located in Pomezia (Rome). In over 60 years within the field of coffee, M.O.C.A. has developed and improved its production. High technological standards are combined with a traditional attention to detail, which allows M.O.C.A. to meet the expectations of demanding customers such as professional barman.

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