Next generation palletizer

Smart Mixed Case Palletizer

Improve your pre-sortation process to reach same-day delivery with the Smart Mixed Case Palletizer, our next generation palletizing solution for the reliable and efficient palletizing of mixed cases.

Mixed case palletizing

With the Smart Mixed Case Palletizer, we enable e-commerce, fashion & parcel (3PL) customers to overcome various challenges in their warehouse process:

  • Growing labor shortages whilst dealing with ever growing consumer demand.
  • The need for an improved pre-sortation process without increasing FTE’s.
  • The need for efficiency and saving time to reach same-day delivery.
  • Growing need to comply with increasingly strict health and safety legislation.
  • Dissatisfied employees and high turnover rate due to boring, repetitive and physically straining work.

The Smart Mixed Case Palletizer is the next generation of palletizing solutions from our range of pick & place systems. It is able to palletize mixed cases up to 20kg from sorter to pallet, without the need for a pre-determined stacking pattern.

Using our Technology Trinity, the Smart Mixed Case palletizer determines each pick and place action on the fly or up to 3 boxes in advance, resulting in greater flexibility and easy integration in your WMS. It enables you to increase your warehouse capacity by improving the pre-sortation process, boosting efficiency and helping you reach same-day delivery.

Smart Mixed Case Palletizer advantages