Boost your productivity with an intelligent and compact palletizing cobot. The Smart Palletizer will improve quality of work and help scale your business.

Smart Palletizer stacking open boxes

What is a palletizer?

A palletizer or robotic palletizer is an automated material handling system that stacks goods and products onto a pallet. It is usually placed at the end of a production line and allows for stability, precision and high efficiency.

What does a palletizer do?

A palletizer is an end-of-line system that often consists of a robot or cobot arm with a gripper attached for the picking and placing of products in a defined stacking pattern onto a pallet. Within Smart Robotics, we have developed the Smart Palletizer for this task; an intelligent, flexible and compact end-of-line cobot used for the palletizing of your products.

What are the benefits of a palletizer?

Implementing a palletizing system in your production process will increase the efficiency and improve quality of work. A system such as the Smart Palletizer can help with various production challenges such as:

  • Growing Labor shortages
  • Increasing consumer demand and variety
  • Heavy and repetitive work; employees can focus on tasks that require human skills.
  • High sick leave amongst your employees due to physically straining work

Why a cobot palletizer?

The Smart Palletizer is a cobot system. But why choose a cobot palletizer? A cobot palletizer requires a much smaller space than a robot palletizer and cooperates safely with your employees. There is no need for safety fences and a cobot can continue its operation when an operator is near. This results in high flexibility and user-friendly cooperation with the cobot. In addition, cobots are easier to implement and can be installed very quickly.

Cobot palletizer collaborates with employee

Why choose the Smart Palletizer?

  • Palletizing as a service: hardware, software & service included
  • Robust system able to handle a large variety of products up to 8kg, including open boxes
  • Flexible automation and solution tailored to your needs
  • Smart Product Editor to quickly adjust and create products and stacking patterns
  • Guaranteed safety between cobots & your employees
  • User-friendly palletizing for all operators
  • Quick-and-easy installation within one day
  • Optimize performance with remote monitoring
  • Online services and support always available
Smart Palletizer Vacuum gripper close-up


Palletizer case study | 20-01-2021

World-renowned Bayer, a pharmaceuticals and life sciences company, has welcomed the Smart Palletizer as a new colleague. Read more about why they recommend Smart Robotics to their partners.

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Smart Palletizer at Na-Nomi picking boxes


Palletizer case study | 13-01-2021

Na-Nomi, a Dutch co-packing organization, needed a compact and user-friendly system for the palletizing of their products. Want to know how their Smart Palletizer has been performing?

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Smart Palletizer at Vandemoortele


Palletizer case study | 07-10-2021

Vandemoortele, a leading food company in Europe, significantly saves costs with their Smart Palletizer. Having started with a trial, the company has now fully implemented the solution and is very satisfied.

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Where can palletizers be used?

Smart Robotics serves customers in various markets, including Food, Pharma and FMCG, that are facing ever increasing consumer demand and variation in product series. With our Smart Palletizer we can improve quality of work and scale your business.

Bakery automation with end-of-line palletizer cobot