Flexible palletizing

Smart Palletizer

Improve operational efficiency with the Smart Palletizer, a reliable, adaptable and compact pick & place system for the palletizing of a large variety of products.

Smart Palletizer stacking open boxes

Efficient & reliable palletizing

With the Smart Palletizer, we help customers in markets such as Pharma and Food – including coffee, snacks, bakery and many others – to overcome various challenges in their production or fulfillment process:

  • Growing Labor shortages
  • Increasing consumer demand and variety
  • Need for efficiency whilst decreasing operation costs
  • Dissatisfied employees and high turnover rate due to boring, repetitive and physically straining work

The Smart Palletizer is a reliable palletizer system able to handle a large variety of products and stacking patterns. It can easily be tailored to comply to changing market demands and customer needs. The Smart Palletizer allows you to improve operational accuracy and efficiency without major changes to your existing process. Our Technology Trinity ensures reliable and uninterrupted operation, allowing you to save time and costs and scale your business.

Tailored palletizing solution


Essential version of the Smart Palletizer

You want to improve operational efficiency in a quick and easy way with a palletizer and want the quality that Smart Robotics can provide.


Advanced version of the Smart Palletizer

You are looking for a palletizer system that outperforms its competitors and can handle many product variations as well as complicated stacking patterns.


Premium version of the Smart Palletizer

You want to be fully prepared for the future and want a palletizer system that can handle any product and any stacking pattern with amazing reliability.

Smart Palletizer advantages

Our palletizing customers

Smart Palletizer Vacuum gripper close-up


Palletizer case study | 20-01-2021

World-renowned Bayer, a pharmaceuticals and life sciences company, has welcomed the Smart Palletizer as a new colleague. Read more about why they recommend Smart Robotics to their partners.

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Smart Palletizer at Vandemoortele


Palletizer case study | 07-10-2021

Vandemoortele, a leading food company in Europe, significantly saves costs with their Smart Palletizer. Having started with a trial, the company has now fully implemented the solution and is very satisfied.

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Palletizing cobot working at Packservice


Palletizer case study | 29-04-2022

Looking for a cobot palletizing solution to help overcome labor shortages and improve employee health, Packservice, a co-packing group, has succesfully implemented their first Smart Palletizer.

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Smart Palletizer cobot palletizer