Smart Parcel Picker

Parcel picking robot

Save time and reach maximum parcel flow capacity with the Smart Parcel Picker; an intelligent parcel picking robot for the reliable depalletizing and unloading of a large variety of parcels.

Smart Parcel Picker reliable depalletizing robot
Smart Parcel Picker depalletizing a pallet of parcels

Smart Parcel Picker – efficient depalletizing of parcels

With the Smart Parcel Picker, we help customers in markets such as 3PL and E-commerce overcome various challenges in their parcel logistics process:

  • Growing labor shortages.
  • Ever increasing consumer demand.
  • Need for consistent and reliable throughput to ensure timely delivery of parcels.
  • Need for efficiency and saving time whilst decreasing costs.
  • Growing need to comply with increasingly strict health and safety legislation.
  • Dissatisfied employees and high turnover rate due to boring, repetitive and physically straining work

The Smart Parcel Picker is a reliable robot able to depalletize and unload an extensive range of parcels varying in size and packaging without the need for SKU teaching. It can be tailored to your logistics process, allowing for seamless integration into your warehouse. The Smart Parcel Picker will help you automate the manual unloading and depalletizing of parcels and empowers you to improve operational efficiency and maximize capacity.

Our Technology Trinity ensures reliable and uninterrupted operation of the Smart Parcel Picker as well as easy integration into your logistics process. The Smart Parcel Picker will help you save time, cut costs and scale your business.

Smart Parcel Picker advantages