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Boost your logistics process with an intelligent pick and place robot. Our Smart Item Picker will improve quality of work and help scale your business.

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What is a pick and place robot?

A pick and place robot or picking robot is a system used to automate the process of picking up products or items and placing them in a different location. They are strategically positioned to reach different areas and often use advanced vision in combination with artificial intelligence to identify, grasp and move items to the correct position.

What does a pick and place robot do?

A pick and place robot is a system consisting of a robot or cobot arm, gripper and intelligent software for the picking and placing of products. It can be used in various production and logistics processes. Pick and place robots are often implemented in warehouse automation processes, including order picking, packing and sorting. Within Smart Robotics, we have developed the Smart Item Picker for these tasks; a compact, single item picking cobot for the flexible and efficient picking of millions of different items.

The benefits of a pick and place robot

Automating your warehouse with a pick and place robot will increase output and improve quality of work. A picking robot like the Smart Item Picker can help with various logistics challenges such as:

  • Growing labor shortages.
  • Ever increasing consumer demand & variation; the need for high flexibility and 24/7 operation.
  • Monotonous and repetitive work; employees can be relieved of these tasks and focus on more complex work that requires human skills.
  • High sick leave amongst employees due to the physically straining work.

Why a pick and place cobot?

The Smart Item Picker is a cobot which brings several advantages. A pick and place cobot requires a much smaller space than a robot picker and cooperates safely with your employees. It can easily be implemented in an existing warehouse and can continue its operation even when employees are near. This results in high flexibility and ease of use.

Manage employee resistance to robots

Why choose the Smart Item Picker?

  • Robotic picking as a service: hardware, software & service included
  • Reliable and gentle picking and placing of large variety of items– up to 700/hour
  • No need for SKU teaching due to AI, intelligent vision and motion planning.
  • Easy integration to external systems, custom dashboards or existing warehouse management systems.
  • Modular pick and place system; various configurations and grippers available.
  • Suitable for various logistics processes, including bin picking, order picking, packing & sorting.
  • Guaranteed safety between cobots & your employees.
  • Quick-and easy installation and user-friendly system for all operators; start & stop.
  • Optimize performance with remote monitoring & reporting.
  • Online services and support always available.
Engaging your employees during robot implementation is important


Pick and place case study | 05-01-2021

Did you know that Bol.com, one of the largest Dutch online retail & distribution companies, executed a pilot with Smart Robotics regarding the implementation of a Smart Item Picker?

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Smart Palletizer at Na-Nomi picking boxes


Palletizer case study | 13-01-2021

Na-Nomi, a Dutch co-packing organization, needed a compact and user-friendly system for the palletizing of their products. Want to know how their Smart Palletizer has been performing?

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Smart Palletizer picking up boxes


Palletizer case study | 13-01-2021

M.O.C.A., an Italian coffee producer, has implemented a Smart Palletizer to improve their coffee production line. It is tasked with palletizing various types of coffee and additional products.

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Where can pick and place robots be used?

Smart Robotics serves customers in various markets, including e-commerce, logistics & fashion, that are facing ever increasing consumer demand and variation in product series. With our pick and place robots we can improve quality of work and scale your business.

Difference between cobots and robots