Our software platform delivers unique value for any picking application and is one of the most advanced robot- and cobot-control systems in the market.

We leverage the trend that hardware is commoditizing and competitive advantage is reached through advanced software. With our intelligent AI software, we develop smart pick and place robot solutions that are easy to deploy, flexible and user-friendly.

Robot-independent intelligence

Intelligent robot picking software for the handling of millions of different items and tasks is our core business. Our software is suitable for any picking robot and offers great flexibility and stability. Due to the hardware-independent nature of our software platform, we can seamlessly integrate our solutions within existing production and logistics processes.

AI software for smart pick and place robots

Software Advantages

With our intelligent software, we develop robot and cobot solutions that are at the forefront of what is technologically possible.

Our competitive advantage is reached through our software platform, integrating state of the art Artificial Intelligence algorithms on perception, task planning and motion planning. We operate at the edges of the robot’s reach, enabling us to get the best performance on the smallest floor space. Our robots can handle a large variety of items and can be implemented and operated without teaching. The software enables an operator to easily add or change products and ensure smooth error handling and recovery.

Furthermore, we continuously optimize the performance of our robots through the secure online monitoring of our solutions. This data is then used to further optimize our software and creates benefits for all our current and future customers. It creates a high level of reusability, as software can be reused for various applications, and allows us to quickly scale globally with our customers. Want to know how we enable these advantages?

Task Planning

Through our AI-driven Application Decision Engine, the robot plans its tasks autonomously and automatically. Complex and optimal robot behavior is realized without the need for hard-coded expert knowledge.


State of the art algorithms, including deep learning and 3D vision determine the best way to pick a product without relying on item-specific knowledge. All data is gathered in our digital twin, based upon which the robot determines its next move.

Motion Planning

The optimal movement of the robot are determined automatically while avoiding obstacles. Our digital twin plays an important role to simulate the effect of the robot movements before execution.


Through a set of generic interfaces, our software platform is hardware independent, can be easily integrated with third party systems and is prepared for application- and customer-specific user interfaces.


With our intelligent software, we have developed the Smart Palletizer, a compact end-of-line cobot solution for the ultra-flexible palletizing of your products. Ready to lift your production process to the next level?

Pick and place robot

Want to improve your logistics process through our intelligent software? We have developed the Smart Item Picker, a compact single item picking cobot solution for the flexible and efficient picking and placing of a large variety of items.

Smart palletizer at Bayer

Palletizing case study: Bayer

Would you like to know why Bayer, a world-renowned pharmaceuticals and life sciences company, has introduced the Smart Palletizer to their production line? Read more about why they recommend Smart Robotics to their partners.