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Smart Robotics and Karter join forces to launch fully automated end-of-line palletizing solution with an expected payback of 1 year.

Smart Robotics is officially collaborating with Karter, a leading specialist in Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR). The collaboration emphasizes the importance of having easy-to-implement solutions for more efficient warehouse optimization – with the benefit of a faster payback. Together, Smart Robotics and Karter deliver a fully automated end-of-line palletizing system that can be installed within one day. The solution not only takes over repetitive and strenuous warehouse activities, but also enjoys payback within one year.

| Date: 03-04-2023 | Written by: Smart Robotics

To achieve a complete end-of-line system that’s fully automated, Smart Robotics’ Smart Palletizer and Karter’s Kompakt AMR will integrate. Due to its compact design, Karter’s mobile robot can be used almost anywhere – especially benefiting fulfillment centers with limited space. By using the Karter Kompakt, users can optimize the intralogistics flow of goods more efficiently. The process has been further optimized in combination with the Smart Palletizer. The Smart Palletizer is a palletizing system that’s able to handle a large variety of products and stacking patterns, the system can easily be tailored to comply with changing market demands and customer needs. The end-of-line solution is designed to improve operational accuracy and efficiency – without causing major changes to existing processes.

“Partnering with like-minded technology vendors in the logistical space gives us a great opportunity to demonstrate how valuable our solutions are. In our goal to solve logistical challenges, we are looking at the bigger picture. Karter has shown that they have a reliable solution that is innovative and flexible, with an excellent ROI. All values that speak to mind to our customers and very much align with ours.” – Niels Aarts, Global Partner Manager at Smart Robotics.

How do the Smart Palletizer and Karter Kompakt work together?

The Smart Palletizer first stacks a pallet, after which it instructs the Kompakt AMR to pick up the pallet and move it to its designated location where it will be depalletized. In the meantime, a new pallet will be placed, so that further stacking can continue uninterrupted. The Kompakt AMR will be called back to collect the next stacked pallet from the Smart Palletizer and the loop will continue until the task at hand is fully complete. This has enormous advantages compared to manually moving the pallets.

“Karter and Smart Robotics complement each other perfectly, which will only serve the end-user well. As an end-user, if you want to remain competitive in these times you will have to look at all the options available. You can start small with our solutions and continue to grow according to your needs. Together, we represent innovative solutions that put the customer first.” – Patrick van Tiel, Commercial Manager at Karter

Smart Robotics & Karter join forces

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  • A stand-alone display of the system will be presented at LogiMAT: 25 – 27 April 2023, Stuttgart, Hall 6 – Stand 6A30
  • A demo of the system will be presented at Interpack: 4 – 10 May 2023, Dusseldorf, Hall 6 – Stand A62

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Visit Smart Robotics & Karter at LogiMAT and Interpack


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Smart Robotics and Karter, a leading specialist in AMR’s, join forces to launch a fully automated end-of-line palletizing solution with an expected payback of 1 year. Together we are present at LogiMAT and Interpack 2023.

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