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Smart Robotics provides unique technology and services to automate the pick & place stations in fulfillment centers. We deliver human-friendly pick & place systems that are easy to use, reliable, adaptable and can handle a large variety of items.

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Smart Robotics’ Values


We make the difference with our services and innovative pick and place solutions.


We are committed to deliver the best results for our clients and to be a trusted partner.


We are experts in solving pick and place challenges and infuse our expertise into everything we do.


We go where no one else had gone before.


We are eager to discover new opportunities.


Smart Robotics’ History


The story begins

Smart Robotics was founded on the first of May 2015, by Mark Menting and Heico Sandee. They opposed the status quo within the robotics industry and noticed there was a need for renewal. Traditional robot applications are created for a specific project and need custom programming, resulting in high costs per installation, low flexibility and limited functionality. However, in today’s society there is an ever increasing and varying consumer demand, which is why logistics- and production companies are in need of more flexible and innovative pick & place automation.


Logistics- and production companies are in need of more flexible and innovative pick & place automation.



The pick & place solution

Smart Robotics offers the solution. As a Pick & Place Partner, we offer unique and reliable pick and place robots that improve operational efficiency and ensure continuous operation in any fulfillment process.


All over the world

In 2015, Smart Robotics started at a small office at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven. Nowadays, we are situated in our head office in Best, in the middle of the high tech region Brainport. After our start, Smart Robotics was quickly noticed within the industry. Nowadays, you can find our pick and place robots all over the world and we have developed a strong partner network within Europe and beyond.

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Our Mission

To create a workplace where people do what they are valued for, through collaboration with smarter robots.

Our Vision

To deploy smart robots that automate Pick & Place tasks in logistic processes worldwide.

5+ years
70+ employees
15+ countries
Heico Sandee CTO & Founder of Smart Robotics

Heico Sandee

Founder & CTO

““Smart Robotics is growing, professionalizing, commercializing! Growing from a start-up to scale-up. Time to put Smart Robotics in a new jacket and position us as a world leading brand.”


Meet the Smart Robotics’ Team

Andrew Kirtland

Product Dev. Manager

My colleagues are open, friendly, and welcoming. They expect to have clear goals and good planning, and yet are also ready get on and work together and allow progress through uncertainty whist learning, adjusting, and improving. I have been and continue to be Smartified. Long may this continue!

Koen Coppelmans

Robotics Engineer

In my experience, Smart Robotics is a company tackling progressive challenges and creating innovative solutions. The fun thing about Smart Robotics is that we all work together to help our customers with a suitable solution. We are service-oriented to both our customers and our colleagues.

Suzan Verheijen

Office Manager

Within Smart Robotics there is a fun job culture with an positive and open atmosphere. I get to cooperate with a great team who are always ready to help and in which you can be yourself. My job responsibilities give me energy and you have the freedom to make your role your own.


Careers at
Smart Robotics

No two days are the same in our rapidly changing environment. Together we are working on the future; innovation never stops, and neither do you! Are you ready for a new adventure? Have a look at our vacancies!

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