Autostore: transforming warehousing with goods-to-robot efficiency

Many warehouses have already embraced the goods-to-person system to enhance productivity and optimize storage space. One standout example is AutoStore, an Automated Storage and Retrieval System revolutionizing order fulfillment by delivering goods directly to a fixed order picking port, where manual operators pick the items. But what if we took it a step further and turned this into a goods-to-robot system for unparalleled efficiency? 

Blog | Date: 22-08-2023 | Written by: Laura Schilperoort

Improve your lead times by adding pick & place robots

By introducing pick & place robots, manual picking at AutoStore ports is transformed into a seamless automated process. These intelligent robots handle items stored in AutoStore with precision and can assist in various picking tasks, including order picking, batch picking, and sorter loading.  

5 Key Benefits of Pick & Place Robots:  

1️ Easy Integration: Worried about complex integrations? Fear not! Our pick & place systems have been engineered for easy integration, delivering a full system solution. Our expert team will configure a tailored solution to align with your specific warehouse requirements, minimizing downtime and ensuring a smooth transition to automated picking. With an easy interface, seamless communication and operation can be achieved across your entire warehouse ecosystem as well as your existing WCS interface – with a press of a button!   

2️ Boost Efficiency: Experience efficiency gains as our robots swiftly pick a large variety of items from small carton boxes and bags into different types of bins. Achieve a picking rate of 700 items/hour in an optimized environment. 

3️ Order Accuracy: Eliminate picking errors! Our pick & place robots utilize advanced vision, motion planning, and decision-making algorithms for precise item identification and retrieval. Count on them to reliably pick and place items with minimal errors, and intervention as well as reducing costly mistakes common with manual operators.

4️ Space Optimization: Our robots boast a small footprint and are compact without requiring a fully fenced solution which remains accessible for an operator, optimizing your valuable space.

5️ Scalable and Future-Ready: Our robots are designed to grow with your business. Whether you handle a few orders or experience rapid expansion, adding robots to the Autostore workstations is a breeze. The scalable design and seamless integration with an ASRS, ensures a future-proof investment that supports your long-term success.  

Discover the Future of Warehousing Today! Contact us to schedule a personalized demo and explore how pick & place robots can future-proof your business.   


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