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What is an
automated warehouse?

An automated warehouse is where all warehouse operations, such as inbound, storage, sorting, packing, and outbound, are automated by implementing a system.

With an automated warehouse, a small team can perform warehouse operations efficiently.

The logistics industry has experienced a surge in activity, driven by the rise of online shopping. However, this growth has also led to a shortage of employees and drivers, affecting organizations across a wide range of industries, such as  E-commerce, Food, Fashion, Pharma, 3PL and Healthcare.

The benefits of
warehouse automation

Growing labor shortages and increasing consumer demand ask for unique automation technology to support your production and fulfillment processes. As a picking automation service provider, Smart Robotics can help you increase efficiency.


Handles a large variety of products & stacking patterns and is easy to use by any operator.

employee safety

Handles a large variety of products & stacking patterns and is easy to use by any operator.


Handles a large variety of products & stacking patterns and is easy to use by any operator.

What are warehouse robots?

Warehouse robots are designed to improve the flow of goods, accuracy, and safety in warehouses across the logistics industry. Warehouse robots can be implemented in different processes to perform various operations to boost productivity. There are an increasing number of robots being used in logistics operations for inbound, storage, stock management, order picking and outbound processes. Here are the main types of robots you can find in a warehouse:

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs) are mobile robots that follow predetermined paths in a warehouse to transport goods from one location to another.

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are more advanced than AGVs as they use AI sensors to navigate dynamic environments. They can avoid obstacles and plan their routes in real-time.

Pick and Place Robots are equipped with robotic arms and grippers to pick up items from one location and place them in another. They can select items from different containers like bins, placing them in totes or on conveyors. They also use advanced vision systems to identify and grasp a variety of objects with precision.

Goods-to-Person (G2P) Robots bring storage units (bins) directly to human pickers, reducing the need for workers to travel around the warehouse. e.g Autostore ports.

Collaborative Robots (Cobots) are designed to work alongside human operators, assisting them with tasks that may be too repetitive or strenuous. They are generally smaller, more flexible, and equipped with safety features to operate closely to people.

Palletizing Robots stack and organize products on pallets. They are used to automate the loading and unloading process, increasing efficiency and reducing manual labor.

Depalletizing Robots are like palletizing robots but are used to unload products from pallets. They are useful for automating the process of receiving goods.

An industrial robot is designed to automate intensive production tasks in warehouses or factories such as those required by a constantly moving assembly line. As large, heavy robots, they are placed in fixed positions within an industrial or manufacturing environment. They are built inside cages or fences for safety reasons and can be extremely fast and precise when handling heavy loads.

Our Warehouse robots

Smart Mixed Case Palletizer

Boost efficiency and same-day delivery with this next-generation palletizing solution for mixed cases. It enhances pre-sortation processes, offering greater flexibility and increased warehouse capacity.

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Smart Item Picker

Efficiently tackle consumer demand and labor shortages with this reliable single item picking solution. It improves operational accuracy and efficiency in order picking and packing and inducting processes.

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Smart Parcel Picker

Optimize parcel throughput with this intelligent robot for unloading various parcels, from cardboard boxes to plastic bags, tailored to your logistics process.

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Smart Palletizer

Enhance your production process with this flexible, compact system for reliable product palletizing. It’s easy to use, improves efficiency, saves time and costs, and scales your business effectively.

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Smart Depalletizer

Automate the unloading of pallets with this versatile solution, handling various package types and improving efficiency. It reduces manual labor, minimizes errors, and speeds up your logistics process.

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This whitepaper provides a guide to the complexities of warehouse automation implementation, offering clear, actionable insights for businesses considering this strategic move. Each section equips decision-makers with the right tools to assess, plan, and execute an automation strategy that aligns with their operational goals and business objectives. By following the guided approach, companies can ensure that their investment in automation is both well-planned and effectively integrated into their existing operations. Download this whitepaper to unlock the full potential of automation in your warehouse operations.


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