What are the advantages of a cobot

Collaborative robots offer several advantages and can easily perform various pick and place tasks. They are perfect for the automation of your warehouse and can help scale your business.

Blog | Date: 19-09-2022 | Written by: Laura Schilperoort

Collaborative robots offer flexibility

Cobots require little space, are easy to program and can be installed quickly. They can easily learn new tasks and switch between tasks by means of intelligent and user-friendly software. This makes cobots highly flexible and easy to implement in various pick and place processes, including palletizing and item picking.


Safe cooperation between cobots and people

Cobots are safe to work with. They are designed to safely cooperate with and work alongside people and require no safety fences. Their built-in sensors guarantee the safety of employees. For example; when a cobot comes into contact with an employee, it stops immediately.

Of course, one of the main goals of implementing a collaborative robot is to optimize a process. Cobots can help increase productivity. They can operate 24/7 and do not need breaks or holidays. In addition, actively monitoring the cobot’s performance can give useful insights into your production process, allowing you to review how and where to improve to ensure the optimal output.


Increase productivity with a cobot

Cobots are designed to take heavy, repetitive and monotonous tasks of employees’ hands, such as palletizing. Employees can then focus on more creative and solution-oriented tasks which contributes to their health and personal development. This will help improve the operational efficiency and accuracy of your production process. Collaborative robots can create a more attractive work environment and improve employee satisfaction.


Scale your business with a cobot

As cobots are highly flexible, improve quality of work and increase productivity they can help scale your business. With the ever increasing consumer demand and product variety, as well as growing labor shortages, automation is of great importance.


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