Advantages of monitoring cobot performance

The popularity of cobots is ever increasing. They appear in all types organizations and continue to ease the physically challenging work often associated with production lines. Because of their small footprint and their flexibility, cobots can be used in many pick and place processes, such as palletizing or item picking. In addition, through data collection one can actively monitor and improve a cobot’s performance. This has several advantages for your production process.

Blog | Date: 28-10-2021 | Written by: Laura Schilperoort

How data collection improves a cobot’s performance:

Let us consider an example of a palletizing cobot:

  • Through data collection, an organization can review the performance of their palletizing cobot as well as the production line it is working at. For example, you gain insight in the average cycle time per product, waiting time and possible errors. With this data, an organization can review how and where to improve their production line to ensure the optimal performance of their cobot palletizer.
  • In addition, data collection can be used to predict when certain parts need maintenance or need to be replaced, to ensure the cobot’s optimal performance and minimal down time.
  • If support is needed, the collected data provides the service team with information regarding the problem and pushes the team towards a certain direction. This enables the service team to analyze more precisely where problems are located, making it easier to solve issues and to optimize the cobot system.

The examples above show what advantages data collection and monitoring can bring for your pick & place cobot. At Smart Robotics, all of the above is implemented for our customers.  By sharing our insights with the customer, we can improve their cobot’s performance together. We are a Pick & Place Partner after all.


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