2023 bakery trends: bakery automation is key

Who doesn’t love a beautiful and tasty cake? We all do! Nowadays, consumers demand more and more of the bakery industry. New flavors, more variety, healthier options. This asks a lot of flexibility from bakeries producing all types of pastry. In addition, labor shortages continue to rise globally, and we have all seen and experienced the impact of the pandemic on production processes. As a result, it is time to consider how to improve the efficiency of the bakery production process to meet consumer demands and at the same time tackle labor shortages. Bakery automation is key, for example with a palletizing solution. But first, let us take a look at the latest bakery trends!  

Blog | Date: 27-01-2023 | Written by: Laura Schilperoort

Bakery trends in 2023

1. Sweet and spicy flavor experience

Innovation is becoming more and more important in the bakery industry. Today, consumers are constantly looking for more exciting food experiences: multisensory and startling. What we see in 2023 is that people are showing increasing interest in baked goods that combine sweet flavors with spicy flavors, such as vinegar, kombucha and spice honey. Hence, for the bakery industry blending flavors and creating new tastes is important to satisfy consumer demand.

2. Newstalgia: combine new flavors with nostalgic food

Everyone loves the memory of a favorite childhood food, as it gives one a sense of familiarity and happiness. In 2023, many consumers are looking for that familiar experience, but with a modern twist and with new flavors added. Bakeries are using this trend to improve their classic recipes with new elements to create a unique experience for the consumer.

3. Functional, healthy foods

Besides people looking for multisensory and ‘newstalgic’ food experiences, health is another topic that remains important to consumers. As a bakery, it is important to anticipate the health and well-being concerns of consumers. Consumers, especially the younger generations, are very aware of current health trends and topics and would like to see that reflected in the baked goods they purchase. They still want yummy food that cheers them up, but at the same time consider their health.

4. Sustainability and local produce

Can we even still call this a trend? The current generation of consumers demand the cake or pastry they eat to be as friendly as possible to the environment and people. Awareness of environmental impact and a sustainable bakery production process are of great importance to an ever growing number of consumers. In addition, consumers want more openness about what they eat: Who made it? Where do the raw materials come from? What is the story behind the making of my pastry? Many consumers are prone to locally produced goods. Not only because they want to support their local economy, but also because locally produced goods ensure a short shelf life and are perceived as of higher quality.

5. Affordable indulgence

As the cost of living is rising all over the globe, consumers are increasingly careful with what they spend their money on. Luxuries are usually the first items that are discarded. However, luckily most baked goods are relatively affordable. This could predict that bakeries will thrive in the upcoming year as a baked treat is a small affordable luxury. Nevertheless, it is important to be mindful of the price of your baked goods. As costs for ingredients, labor and production are rising, this may seem like an impossible task. Automation could provide some relief on this end.

Automate your palletizing process.

Why bakery automation is key

These bakery trends mean that as a bakery, you will need to produce a lot of different products to meet the demands of your customer. Your production process must be ready to handle this variety of products, whilst at the same time be able to save costs to ensure your products remain affordable. In terms of bakery automation, great flexibility is needed.

To improve your bakery production process, Smart Robotics offers a highly flexible and efficient end-of-line solution. With our Smart Palletizer, we can improve your palletizing process and help tackle labor shortages, rising costs and increasing consumer demand.  The Smart Palletizer is a reliable cobot palletizer able to handle a large variety of products and stacking patterns and can be easily tailored to comply to changing market demands and customer needs. It allows you to improve operational accuracy and efficiency without major changes to your existing process. Are you ready to automate your end-of-line process?


Improve your bakery production process

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