3 signs you are ready for a cobot palletizing colleague

Over the past few years at Smart Robotics, we have had numerous conversations with (potential) customers looking for a palletizing solution. Throughout our conversations, we have gained insight into when companies are ready for end-of-line automation with a cobot palletizer. In this blog, we will share with you 3 signs that indicate you are ready for a cobot palletizing colleague.

Blog | Date: 03-03-2022 | Written by: Laura Schilperoort

1. You are experiencing labor shortages

One of the most prominent problems in today’s society is the ever growing labor shortage. Production and logistics companies in markets such as food, pharmaceuticals and Ecommerce are finding it harder and harder to hire and maintain employees in their production process. As there is so much work available, people try to land jobs with good pay and great working conditions. Physically demanding jobs such as palletizing are becoming less appealing. In addition, we have all seen the impact Covid-19 has had on this subject. With lockdowns, health measures and immigrants returning home, many people were displaced from their jobs and companies struggled to keep up production. Automating processes such as palletizing with a cobot palletizer can be a small step to overcome these labor shortages.

2. You are experiencing a high sick leave and employee turnover rate

Palletizing is a repetitive and monotonous task. It can make employees feel unmotivated or bored as it is not very challenging. In addition, it is a very physically demanding task which may result in work-related injuries. All this can possibly lead to a high sick leave and employee turnover in your palletizing process. A cobot palletizer could be the answer. By automating your palletizing process, you can relieve employees from the repetitive and physically straining task of palletizing and allow them to focus on tasks where creativity and human intelligence is needed, such as maintenance or service. This will result in happier employees and help you improve your end-of-line process.

3. You are in need of high flexibility and increased efficiency

As consumer demand and product variation keep increasing, it is important to have a flexible and efficient end-of-line process. You want to ensure that a palletizing solution can meet these demands, which is why a cobot palletizer could be the perfect solution. Cobot palletizers are highly flexible and can easily be reconfigured to adjust to different products and stacking patterns. They can work 24/7 and do not need breaks or holidays. In addition, they can cooperate safely with your employees and there is no need for safety fences. Employees can easily work around the cobot, take away full pallets and place empty pallets, all while the cobot continues its operation. This results in high flexibility and efficiency.


Are you ready for a cobot palletizer?

If you can relate to the above signs, you might be ready for a cobot palletizer. At Smart Robotics, we have developed the Smart Palletizer; a compact and flexible cobot for the palletizing of your products. With our state-of-the-art AI software, it can handle a large variety of products and stacking patterns, is quickly up-and-running and cooperates safely with your employees. Are you ready to improve quality of work and scale your business?


Scale your business with a cobot palletizer

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