Smart Palletizer to solve end-of-line challenges

Heinerle-Berggold Shokoladen GmbH, a German company specializing in specialty quality chocolates, has implemented a Smart Palletizer in their production process. As labor shortages keep increasing and costs continue to rise, further automation was required to ensure on-time delivery to all their customers.

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Smart Palletizer | Date: 07-12-2022 | Written by: suryadi

Fred Königer

Project Leader

Why Fred Königer chose the Smart Palletizer

“The Smart Palletizer has helped us solve our end-of-line challenges. It runs a 3-shift operation and reaches an availability of almost 100%.”


Meet delivery KPIs with the Smart Palletizer

Like many other food production companies, Heinerle-Berggold is facing issues such as labor shortages, rising costs, and a lack of efficiency in their production process. Hence, automation is key to meeting their KPI’s and delivering specialty chocolates to their customers on time. Having met Smart Robotics at the ProSweets fair in 2020, Heinerle-Berggold decided to look at a palletizing solution.

Smart Palletizer stacking boxes of chocolates
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Why Heinerle-Berggold chose the Smart Palletizer

“The Smart Palletizer from Smart Robotics stood out for various reasons. First of all, the Smart Palletizer can lift boxes that have loose lids with the Fork Gripper, which is key for our production process. In addition, the offer to test the palletizer in our production process was exceptional. Also, the possibility of remote problem solving & support is key for us. We have experienced a very smooth process with Smart Robotics, without any problems”.

Short delivery times and happy employees

“The installation of the Smart Palletizer was quick and easy without any problems, and in an exceptionally short time. Our experience with the Smart Robotics Service team was really good. The Smart Palletizer easily runs a 3 shift operation without any problems. Our employees were a bit skeptical of their new palletizing colleague in the beginning. It took some time for them to get used to the Smart Palletizer. However, nowadays our employees are very happy that Paul the Palletizer executes the heavy work and they can focus on other tasks. They love Paul!”

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Heinerle Berggold – specialty chocolates

Heinerle Berggold Shokoladen GmbH is a German company that specializes in the production of high quality specialty chocolates. Founded in 1876, the company brings over 140 years of tradition into its products. In the past years, Heinerle Berggold has invested a lot in the areas of warehousing & logistics, resulting in a state-of-the-art warehouse and increased production capacity The Smart Palletizer is now part of that.

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