, one of the largest Dutch online retail & distribution companies, is always considering how to improve their logistics processes with innovative solutions, including the use of robots. Between 2019-2021, and Smart Robotics executed a successful pilot together, to experiment with the possibilities of implementing a Smart Item Picker in’s logistics process. The pilot allowed us to learn about and improve the Smart Item Picker performance for our future customers.


With our extensive range
of products, a robot arm must
know really well what products
are passing by and how to
pick-and-place them correctly

Niels van Veen – Lead Business Analist Outbound –
Smart Palletizer at Na-Nomi picking boxes


Palletizer case study | 13-01-2021

Na-Nomi, a Dutch co-packing organization, needed a compact and user-friendly system for the palletizing of their products. Want to know how their Smart Palletizer has been performing?

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Smart Palletizer Vacuum gripper close-up


Palletizer case study | 20-01-2021

World-renowned Bayer, a pharmaceuticals and life sciences company, has welcomed the Smart Palletizer as a new colleague. Read more about why they recommend Smart Robotics to their partners.

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Smart Palletizer picking up boxes


Palletizer case study | 13-01-2021

M.O.C.A., an Italian coffee producer, has implemented a Smart Palletizer to improve their coffee production line. It is tasked with palletizing various types of coffee and additional products.

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