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5 simple steps to end-of-line automation in the food industry

5 simple steps to end-of-line automation in the food industry

Increase your food production efficiency with a palletizer

The global food industry is expected to grow annually by 4.7% between 2022-2027, of which the food processing market is expected to grow even more with 6.04%. At the same time, global labor shortages continue to increase, resulting in decreasing operational efficiency, rising costs and food production companies not being able to deliver to customers. Hence, automation in the food industry is key to remain competitive.

In the past years, implementing robots and cobots has become more popular in the food industry. The Robotics Industries Association (RIA) states that robots in food have increased by 56% in 2020. But, where does one start with the implementation of robots in food?

Palletizing: a quick-and-easy improvement

A quick-and-easy improvement is to automate an end-of-line process such as palletizing using a robot or a cobot. Palletizing is an easy task to automate as it includes monotonous and repetitive actions. Also, it is a very physically straining task for employees and prone to human errors. Hence, the perfect place for a palletizer

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