Smart Robotics announces the expansion of their network in Europe

Smart Robotics is expanding their network across Europe alongside a new channel partner in Greece to enhance automation across logistical processes in Food, Pharma, and Cosmetics.

| Date: 28-09-2022 | Written by: Laura Schilperoort

Eindhoven, the Netherlands, Cocalis September 2022 : As of today, Smart Robotics, a global leader in picking automation as a service for warehouses and logistics processes, announced the initiation of their strategic partnership with Cocalis. Since being founded in 1958, Cocalis has been an esteemed industry leader dealing in the fields of packaging, plastics, raw materials and machinery, recycling, and environmental technologies.

The partnership is key in propelling Smart Robotics towards becoming the first choice in robotics as a solution for warehouse automation. With a partner in Greece, Smart Robotics is gaining greater reach in a market previously unexplored by the company. The local Greek market presents interesting automation opportunities within the Food, Pharma, and Cosmetics Industries – areas of focus Smart Robotics has long been paying attention to.

“It’s really fascinating to adapt alongside technological advancements, step by step, throughout the years. Especially in the area of Food, Pharma, and Cosmetics, there’s a lot of potential to still be unlocked and we believe together with Smart Robotics as our partner, we can achieve excellent customer relations for an optimised future in logistical processes” – John Cocalis, CEO of Cocalis.

Smart Robotics is continuing their mission to overcome growing labor shortages in the Logistics Industry and to scale up production by automating tasks that are repetitive and physically demanding, such as palletizing and item picking. The strategic partnership with Cocalis is enhancing the capabilities of Smart Robotics to introduce their innovative pick and place robots to a larger audience across Europe, assisting a larger pool of companies in transforming production lines by improving accuracy and operational efficiency.

“We are excited to partner with Cocalis since they provide a unique set of capabilities that will further enhance Smart Robotics’ competency. Expanding our network across Europe is one step we’re taking in making automation more accessible to the global industry that’s dealing in warehousing and logistical processes” – Johan Jardevall, CEO of Smart Robotics.

According to Smart Robotics, the partnership is a valuable asset in speeding up their go-to-market reach and will help accelerate the company’s contribution towards transformation within warehouse automation. With the agreement in place, the partnership between Smart Robotics and Cocalis is beneficial not just to the duo, but also to both company’s current and future clients, looking to scale their companies, as well.


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