Blog | 13-01-2022

2022 bakery trends: bakery automation is key

written by: Laura Schilperoort

Who doesn’t love a beautiful and tasty cake? We all do! In 2022, consumers will continue to demand more and more of the bakery industry. More color, more variety, healthier options. This asks a lot from bakeries producing all types of pastries, chocolate and sweets and as a result, it is time to consider how to improve your production process to meet these demands. Bakery automation is key. But first, let us take a look at the latest bakery trends!

1. Out-of-the-ordinary taste experiences

Innovation is becoming more and more important in the bakery industry. Today, consumers are constantly looking for more exciting food experiences: multisensory and startling. Blending flavors and creating new tastes is important to satisfy consumer demand. Whether it is to break away from the ordinary or simply a time for celebration, baked goods are most certainly part of this movement.

2. The power of color

With the world of social media at our feet, we are all regularly tempted by the most wonderful baked creations online. We have all experienced our mouth watering from artistic chocolate dripping to beautifully rainbow colored cakes. The visual appeal of a pastry is just as important, perhaps even more important, than its taste. The instagenic appeal of a baked good is a prerequisite to a buyer’s decision to purchase it. In addition, visual attractiveness influences the way taste is perceived.

3. Healthy living

Besides people looking for multisensory and instagrammable food experiences, health is another topic important to consumers. Especially with the covid-19 pandemic still happening, people are more conscious of their health. As a bakery, it is important to anticipate the health and well-being concerns of consumers. Better-for-you delicacies usually arrive with promises such as: natural, superfood, gluten-free, paleo, keto, lactose-free, sugar-limited and GMO/E numbers-free. They contain fewer or cleaner ingredients and the portion sizes are often modified to mini bites or smaller sizes.

4. Food for the Planet

The next generation of consumers also demand the cake or pastry they eat to be as friendly as possible to the environment and people. Awareness of environmental impact and a sustainable bakery production process are of great importance to a growing number of consumers.

5. Origin and buying local

Consumers want more openness about what they eat: Who made it? Where do the raw materials come from? What is the story behind the making of my pastry? Many consumers are prone to locally produced goods. Not only because they want to support their local economy, but also because locally produced goods ensure a short shelf life and are perceived as of higher quality.

Bakery automation is key

These bakery trends mean that as a bakery, you will need to produce a lot of different products to meet the demands of your customer. This means your production process must be ready to handle this variety of products. In terms of bakery automation, great flexibility is needed.

To improve your bakery production process, Smart Robotics offers various solutions. With our intelligent picking solutions we can help improve quality of work and scale your business. For example, the Smart Palletizer is a compact end-of-line solution for the flexible palletizing of your baked goods. Want to know more?