Blog | 03-10-2022

What is a cobot palletizer?

written by: Laura Schilperoort

A cobot palletizer or robot palletizer is an automated material handling system that stacks goods and products onto a pallet. It is usually placed at the end of a production line and allows for stability, precision and high efficiency.

What does a cobot palletizer do?

A palletizer is an end-of-line system that often consists of a robot or cobot arm with a gripper attached for the picking and placing of products in a defined stacking pattern onto a pallet. Within Smart Robotics, we have developed the Smart Palletizer for this task; an intelligent, flexible and compact end-of-line cobot used for the palletizing of your products.

What are the benefits of a cobot palletizer?

Implementing a palletizing system in your production process will increase the efficiency and improve quality of work. A system such as the Smart Palletizer can help with various production challenges such as:

  • Growing labor shortage.
  • Increasing consumer demand and variety.
  • Heavy and repetitive work; employees can focus on tasks that require human skills.
  • High sick leave amongst your employees due to physically straining work.

Why choose a palletizer cobot?

The Smart Palletizer is a cobot system. But why choose a cobot palletizer? A cobot palletizer requires a much smaller space than a robot palletizer and cooperates safely with your employees. There is no need for safety fences and a cobot can continue its operation when an operator is near. This results in high flexibility and user-friendly cooperation with the cobot. In addition, cobots are easier to implement and can be installed very quickly.

Where can cobot palletizers be used?

A cobot palletizer can serve customers in many types of markets, such as Food and Pharma, that are facing ever increasing consumer demand and rising labor shortages. A cobot palletizer can help improve quality of work and scale your business.