Vandemoortele, a leading food company in Europe, has been using a Smart Palletizer with great satisfaction. Having started with a trial, the company has now fully implemented the solution since four months and is significantly saving costs. Read all about their choice for and experience with the Smart Palletizer in this case study.

Smart Palletizer Vacuum gripper close-up

“We are very satisfied with the Smart Palletizer. Installation was quick and easy, the solution is easy to use and an advantage is that it is able to stack open boxes. We definitely recommend Smart Robotics”.

Joseph Gilson – Production Manager
Smart Palletizer at Vandemoortele stacking products

Improve ergonomic circumstances

Vandemoortele has products ranging from Frozen Bakery Products and Margarines, to Culinary Oils and Fats, and offer the best in taste, quality and service. To improve the ergonomic circumstances of their employees and to reduce costs, they were looking into automating their palletizing process. Palletizing boxes all day long can cause physical as well as mental strain on your employees, which is one of the reasons why Vandemoortele considered the Smart Palletizer.

Palletizing trial

To make sure the Smart Palletizer would be the right solution, Vandemoortele agreed to a trial. The Smart Palletizer was installed in less than a day, allowing them to run production with their new palletizing solutions that same day. During the installation, an extensive and comprehensible training was given by our Service team to ensure all employees could easily work together with the cobot.

Advantages of the Smart Palletizer

After the trial, the Smart Palletizer was allowed to stay on for various reasons. Besides it improving the ergonomic circumstances of Vandemoortele’s employees, they are able to save costs as the Smart Palletizer is able to operate 24/7 with an average availability rate of 99.7%, resulting in saving up to 3 employee shifts per day.. These employees can now focus on tasks less suitable for a robot. This results in a payback period of less than 1 year.

Another advantage of the Smart Palletizer is that not many cobot palletizing solutions are able to stack open boxes. Luckily, the Fork gripper allows the Smart Palletizer to stack open boxes without problem. Another reason why Vandemoortele decided to implement the Smart Palletizer was because of its small footprint as it operates without fences. A cobot solution allows for safe cooperation between people and the cobot. Vandemoortele’s employees view the Smart Palletizer as a real colleague as it supports them in their tasks. On top of that, it is easy to use by everyone. Switching, adding, deleting or editing products and stacking patterns is easy.

In conclusion, both Vandemoortele and Smart Robotics are very happy with these results. We are glad we could offer them the solution they have been looking for.

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