Reliable item picking

Smart Item Picker

Reach uninterrupted operation in your fulfillment centers with the Smart Item Picker; a compact single item picking solution for the reliable and efficient picking and placing of a large variety of items.

Item picking cobot picking fashion items

Efficient and accurate item picking

With the Smart Item Picker we can help overcome various challenges in your warehouse or fulfillment process. The Smart Item Picker serves customers in markets such as Fashion, General Merchandise and E-commerce to overcome:

  • Growing labor shortages.
  • The need to comply with (future) market demands.
  • Need for efficiency whilst decreasing operation costs.
  • Growing need to comply with increasingly strict health and safety legislation.
  • Dissatisfied employees and high turnover rate due to boring, repetitive and physically straining work.

The Smart Item Picker is a reliable pick and place system able to pick and place an extensive range of items without the need for SKU teaching. It is suitable for a wide range of logistics processes, from order picking to sorting. The Smart Item Picker allows you to improve operational accuracy and efficiency without major changes to your fulfillment process. Our Technology Trinity ensures reliable and uninterrupted operation, easy integration into your WMS, seamless connection with ASRS systems and enables our solution to reach near human performance. The Smart Item Picker will allow you to save time and costs and scale your business.

Smart Item Picker advantages

With our extensive range
of products, a robot arm must
know really well what products
are passing by and how to
pick and place them correctly

niels van veen – lead business analist outbound –
item picking cobot picking and placing a large variety of items