Packservice, a large co-packing group, has implemented a Smart Palletizer in their production in 2021. Struggling with employee shortages and wanting to improve their employees’ health by automating the heavy and physically straining tasks, Packservice was already searching for the perfect palletizing solution for 7 years. They found it in the Smart Palletizer. After a successful trial in one of their warehouses in Germany, they were convinced and immediately decided to implement the Smart Palletizer in their production process. In this case study, Juan Banuelos, Regional Manager at Packservice, elaborates on their experience with the Smart Palletizer.

Smart Palletizer with vacuum gripper at Packservice

I am very impressed with the Smart Palletizer. The performance of the Smart Palletizer is great. It has brought us flexibility, helps us solve our employee shortages and improves the health of our employees.

Juan Banuelos – Regional Manager – Packservice
Smart Palletizer cooperating with Packservice employee

Solving labor shortages and improving employees’ health

The main reason why Packservice was considering end-of-line automation was the ever increasing labor shortage. There were not enough employees available to execute the manual tasks, leading to higher operation costs. Besides, Packservice wanted to improve the health of their employees by giving the physically demanding work to an automated solution, such as a palletizer cobot. Hence, automation was needed.

Extensive research and successful palletizing trial

For 7 years, Packservice worked together with universities and a German institute to find the perfect solution for their palletizing process. It was already decided that the solution should be a cobot. However, Packservice did not manage to find a supplier that was able to provide a cobot and software capable of handling their needs and desired ROI of less than 3 years. The solutions Packservice had seen so far were too expensive and needed a lot of programming. That was until the institute Packservice cooperated with pointed out that the solution they were looking for already existed and directed them to Smart Robotics.

In cooperation with our German partner Ask!Ayudo it was decided to hold a trial at one of Packservice’s warehouses in Germany. After this successful trial, the Smart Palletizer was purchased and has been palletizing at Packservice ever since.

Juan Banuelos – Regional Manager – Packservice

“I am very impressed with the Smart Palletizer. We have been working for 7 years to find the perfect solution and in the end it was all too easy with Smart Robotics. I had so many conversations, read so much information and studied cobots extensively, year after year. When we heard about the Smart Palletizer it all went fast. We had 3 calls with Smart Robotics and Ask!Ayudo and received a few brochures. Where the magic happened, however, is that Smart Robotics said; ‘We will send you a cobot palletizer to test for 4-6 weeks. If you are satisfied, the cobot can remain at your warehouse.’

The installation of the Smart Palletizer for the trial was done very fast. It took only two hours. Once it was installed in our warehouse, we had a meeting with our board and once they saw the cobot and its performance, it was decided to purchase the Smart Palletizer immediately.

The performance of the Smart Palletizer is great. It has brought us flexibility, helps us solve our employee shortages and improves the health of our employees. Its productivity resembles two human employees which ensures we will achieve an ROI of less than 3 years. Besides, the system is very user-friendly. Many of the other solutions we have seen and tested over the years would require an expert to use it. The Smart Palletizer, however, is so easy to use; any employee can operate it within 5 minutes. Besides that, any problems are solved quickly by the Smart Robotics team.

We definitely recommend Smart Robotics to our customers and partners. We invite them to our plant and talk about the Smart Palletizer during meetings, webinars and trade fairs. The conclusion is: we are very impressed.”

Packservice – a co-packing group

Packservice is a co-packing group with 30 sites in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. They specialize in the processing of products in the secondary packaging sector. Packservice focuses on all packaging and product finishing processes in the packaging business. Industries they package for include food, non-food, pet food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, beverages and textiles.

Logo of Packservice Group
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